The four week modules were based around the themes of Surface, Space, Time and Site. To view ‘Site’ module, go to Previous projects 1.

The project Surface was the first project for my Fine Art degree. In the first week, we were set a task to produce 100 drawings recording what objects we saw or anything in our surroundings, we found interesting, in a one week period. Two examples are illustrated in the middle photo below. Developing on from this task, we had a further three weeks to produce a piece of work developed from the 100 drawings. I took photos of my walk around Plymouth, as I was interested in the new city environment I was living in and produced these photos into an abstract image, carved into two lino sheets to create layered, lino prints.

Using my unused prints, I carefully cut out each image layered each one on top of one another. I applied small strips of cardboard behind the image so it stood out from the background, to create a 3d image.