External Space


Seating and Wall

A handcrafted wooden seat with a crochet fabric cushion for viewers to relax and sit within the structures forms.



To enclose the seating space, I used a carpet tube particion wall to create a booking shelf for viewers to read and to understand my structures concept (Somerset Moods – Christopher Nicholson, Poetic of Space – Gaston Bachelard, Plymouth vision of a modern city – Jeremy Gould and Easy Knitting Crochet – Nicki Trench).  Placed five balls of chunky wool for viewers to engage with my project in learning how to crochet.


Wool Panels

Somerset and Plymouth’s representational coloured crochet are filled inside the timber panels to define the walls. Creating transparency and small window effects using colourful wool/crochet to symbolise Plymouth’s colours (turquoise, denim blue, slate grey) and Somerset’s colours (barley yellow, meadow green,  hunter green dark). These colours help define abstract shape perspectives and feelings for viewers to associate and create different views on what each shape might symbolise. 

Handmade Tools

 I collaborated with my dad to produce handcrafted tools using specialist engineering machinery.  As majority of the structure consists of screw eye hooks that is used to loop strands of wool, I required  two tools that is able to screw the hooks into the wood panels.

Metal block with holes – allows suitable distance for eye hooks to be placed next to each other.

Metal screwdriver – holds the screw eye which makes it easier to screw the hooks into the panels.

Michael Beutler Exhibition

Michael Beutler Exhibtion – Spike Island Bristol 16th April – 19th June 2016 

Artist Michael Beutler creates wooden constructions filled with handbuilt paper blocks and printed paper. Each element of the structure is constructed in the site using his own industral working tools and methods. Michael’s conceps and materials have strong connections with my own approaches, enabling myself to create my own handmade tools and material constructions techniques into my own practice. 

Crochet shapes

Panel 1 is designed to fill two crochet hula hoops joined together with a cirular hoop in the centre to define two circle windows. Used several crochet techniques of trebble and single chain stitches to form different thicknesses and gaps in between to add pattern and texture.

Panel Building

The structure is formed using individual, different height panels incoporating various joins and abstract shapes inspired by Hooke Park’s structures. Below is the first attempt at joining the individual panels together in my own back garden. Allowing me to see its scale and how prospective viewers will move around its structural space.