I aim to use wool, rope or fabric to create crochet works for the internal structures walls or wall panels to illustrate my crochet ability in developing my textiles craft.  The crochets purpose  creates texture and pattern, engaging the viewers’ senses by presenting softness and need to feel and touch the work. Crochet is an ideal technique to create many layers to form large scale shape works and to symbolise the home craft technique that has been used by current and previous generations of my family. 

I started expeirenmenting with chunky wool to create a small scale model of a tree with frayed edges. I  wanted to incoporate trees into my structure, as the trees remind me of my childhood when going out for walks, discovering the Somerset landscape.



Small scaled test pieces- circular  crochet using rope.

Wool and recycled fabric crocheted and  tied to metal rods. Allowing experimentation of crochet attachment on a metal frame.


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