Large Wooden Model

When analysing the metal and wooden models, I selected wood as my structure’s chosen material as I love the organic and natural effect the wood offers. I grew up in an environment surrounded by trees, fields and wetlands, the wood material closely associates with my memory of the Somerset landscape. This allows materials to become an important sensory factor. As a child, I loved constructing small wooden play dens so building a life size structure evokes the feeling  I am ‘rebuilding my memory’. 


The repeated rectangluar block shapes signify Plymouth’s building layout and how the houses are formed using the same shapes and layers in creating rows.

The angluar skyline (roof) abstractly represents the formations or outlines of Somerset hills, attached with wooden beams slopping down representing the different hills formations.

The majority of the angular shapes are inspired by Plymouth’s architecture.

The curves shown at the structures entrance represent the Somerset Levels reedbeds (moors/wetlands), common to the Somerset area.

 Interior space filled with wool and crochet 





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