Inspirational Structures

Since visiting Barcelona, my practice has become very passionate focusing on interactions by using my interest in space and architecture. Visiting exhibitions Summer 2015:

Hauser and Wirth; Landmarks: Structures for a Poetic Universe, presenting an architectural building structure by Smijian Radic (pictures)

Dan Graham’s –S-curved sculpture, portraying strong interlinked relationship between art and architecture. (pictures)

Do Ho Suh (New York City Apartment, Bristol Museum) created fabricated large scale, architectural sculpture works.


Selgascano Pavilion (Serpentine Pavilions)
Serpentine Galleries


These experiences personally engaged my senses, memory and emotions to personally participate within their artwork spaces through the use of form and shapes, encourgaing me to focus on the idea of interaction with a more developed understanding of how artworks are viewed. This  led me to re-examine how materials and construction technqiues are important for sensing space. 



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